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So much for keeping up with my phone, hmm? *sigh* I really thought it would help... I guess I can try again, because I really don't want you to go away, darling LJ mine.


1) Graduated from Cosmetology School. I actually finished something, 100%. I am so stoked by this.

2) Passed Sate Boards and I'm OFFICIAL!

3) Found a boy and fell in love. Well, didn't so much find as RE-find. We dated in Highschool, how bloody loony is that? I'm utterly head over heels for this boy. It's kind of amazing. :D

4) Melting a TON of glass.

and... yeah....

The band is going well. I'm making it through, I managed to get all of my holiday shopping done last wekk so now I'm just waiting for packages to file in. Yep, I did a 90% handmade holiday this year. Etsy was my best friend (still is).
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Here I am, posting from my new phone. I think that having this app will really help me keep up and post more.... Though not sure if I can check other posts from here yet.
Life is kind of amazing right now. I'll be graduating in two months, and then hitting the road for the last weekend of scarby and possibly kentucky after that.
Still not sure when I'm going to make the time to take state boards.

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I have missed you all so much, I've missed reading and looking and smiling about posts. Why is LJ so hard to keep up with?????????

Good news?
The votes are in! Pandora Celtica was voted #5 in the "Best New CD Released in 2010" category of the Reniassance Festival Podcast Awards!!
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I read....

I swear that I'm here, reading.... I just have so many blogs, so many places to write... and so many things to do......

Its tough. :)

Not that I'm complaining, I swear!

Pandora Celtica's Yule CD has gone to mastering. I'm excited about that.
and school is going SO WELL. I love cutting hair....


So guess what LJ land???

Pandora Celtica just finished their new CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

And the official release date is Sept 17 after we all return from Dragon*Con...

I am so seriously not lying. :D
It's official. I am on an ENTIRE CD. Not just a one song guest artist!!!!!





So I passed the Written test with 179/174 (yes, I got extra credit).
And I passed the Floor Test, 94%.

So in a week I'll be able to take real, live clients.



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Stress continues.. boyfriend does not. Yes, I can laugh about it now, only because I am so tired of changing myself to make them happy.
I'm emotional, I have needs and wants... and I am so tired of settling.

So I continue on my adventure. I wake up every day and put my best foot forward.


I wish I had more time to write this morning but I have to get ready for school soon... School is... Well to put it calmly, I had a breakdown last night. I snapped. I was laughing so hard that it hit a spot and suddenly I was crying and couldn't stop. We're not talking happy tears either. I felt bad, I was at rehearsal and I couldn't stop crying.
I know I'm stressing about a lot of things, school is the biggest followed very closely by finances. To add to it, yesterday I had a lot of communication problems with my teacher. I get frustrated at not being able to communicate.

And I forgot to post this yesterday.... lol.

Class DID get better yesterday. I talked to to the Director and she alleviated all of my fears. Yay! I have two days off now, which you know I'm going to be taking full advantage of.

Detailed band info is moving to rubiee by the way. If you guys want to keep up a bit more with the current going ons of Pandora Celtica. I soon hope to have a fan page community for PC too.


Yes, really. I'm opening up my journal. There will still be locked posts, but they will be few.

This choice? It's something that's been a long time coming. I'm so tired of hiding away, especially with the fact that my life has changed SO MUCH.

So! Here I am. I really couldn't tell you who I used to be, but I can tell you who I am now:

I'm a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, a musician and an artist. I'm a member of Pandora Celtica, which is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. After working at a cosmetology school as a receptionist I made the decision and took the leap to start school.
I started at Paul Mitchell the School on February 23rd, 2010. The program will take 13 months and I will be able to take Colorado State Boards as of March 2011. I get frustrated rather easily, because I feel like I'm one of the only girls taking things seriously. I plan on making the most that I can of this 13 month adventure. I'm a gamer, but with school I will be missing all of my monthly Live Action events.
Along with this new adventure I've found many others, I sew, I work with hot glass, I'm looking into ballroom dance classes, I belly dance, I'm looking into Falconry and volunteering my time with bird rehabilitation projects. I have found a boy that compliments me in all of these areas, and I'm not talking verbal compliments. He's my mirror in a lot of these ways; dancing, falconry, reading, gaming and so many others. We found one another through eHarmony. No lies.

This is me, this is the person that I've grown into and continue to grow into. Each day is an adventure and I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

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