December 11th, 2011


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So much for keeping up with my phone, hmm? *sigh* I really thought it would help... I guess I can try again, because I really don't want you to go away, darling LJ mine.


1) Graduated from Cosmetology School. I actually finished something, 100%. I am so stoked by this.

2) Passed Sate Boards and I'm OFFICIAL!

3) Found a boy and fell in love. Well, didn't so much find as RE-find. We dated in Highschool, how bloody loony is that? I'm utterly head over heels for this boy. It's kind of amazing. :D

4) Melting a TON of glass.

and... yeah....

The band is going well. I'm making it through, I managed to get all of my holiday shopping done last wekk so now I'm just waiting for packages to file in. Yep, I did a 90% handmade holiday this year. Etsy was my best friend (still is).