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I wish I had more time to write this morning but I have to get ready for school soon... School is... Well to put it calmly, I had a breakdown last night. I snapped. I was laughing so hard that it hit a spot and suddenly I was crying and couldn't stop. We're not talking happy tears either. I felt bad, I was at rehearsal and I couldn't stop crying.
I know I'm stressing about a lot of things, school is the biggest followed very closely by finances. To add to it, yesterday I had a lot of communication problems with my teacher. I get frustrated at not being able to communicate.

And I forgot to post this yesterday.... lol.

Class DID get better yesterday. I talked to to the Director and she alleviated all of my fears. Yay! I have two days off now, which you know I'm going to be taking full advantage of.

Detailed band info is moving to rubiee by the way. If you guys want to keep up a bit more with the current going ons of Pandora Celtica. I soon hope to have a fan page community for PC too.
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