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How I feel

Each day is another step, another breath and another adventure.
Each day forms us into more of the person we want to be and less of the person we once were.


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Still plenty of days left to pick on my last post - so go while you have the chance!

Today was a good day. I was productive. A full kiln of beads this morning- and then I went for photos... Only to find that my camera was apparently being a jerk today. Yeah, found this out after a few hours of work. Pah. I guess I'll try again tomorrow morning before I head up north.
Not much else to say I guess. I'm glad to back to the place I know and glad to be "home" but I miss him like crazy... and it's hard.

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With changes comes.......

Yep, here it is guys. The dreaded "Hey look. My life changed and you can delete me" post.

I'm going to be kinda blunt.
If you don't care about me, and are just hanging around to not hurt my feelings. You won't.
I'm never going to cosplay again, so if you're keeping me added because of my past, don't worry about it. You can delete me.
If you've ever been afraid to delete me because you're afraid to hurt my feelings? Please don't worry about it. I'm serious.

When I get to Farmington I'm most likely going to trim my FL down of people that I never talk to, never think about, people who's posts I skip over.
If I delete you I wish you the best in your life and only ask that you do the same for me.
It's a parting of ways, a taking of the crossroads of life. Not a "omfg I hate you DIE" *insert drama*

I have enough real life "holy shit how am I paying bills." or "wtf is for dinner" drama. :)
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We say we are a country ready for change and yet California and many other states have added a Gay Marriage BAN to their CONSTITUTIONS. How is this? How can we be a country that longs and begs for change and yet we sit here and deny those within this country that ability to change? The ability to have something that all heterosexual couples can have? It's disgusting and it makes me angry. More than that- it makes my heart ache for those that were married and now will have to see said marriages annulled. It aches for those that may never get the same *common* rights of a heterosexual couple.

My soul is crying for those of you that are being denied.
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NaNo for the WIN!

Hehehe. Okay, so I passed goal for day two- by some 300 words. But STILL!
I'm really not wanting to go to work either. Blahhhh.
Oh well, money is good and I have bills to pay. :)

I'm being the responsible 'housewife' and doing laundry too. I did a bit of cleaning today, mostly trying to clean the studio(s). Ugh, too much crafty stuff! I'll be doing mass separating of fabric soon. I'm probably going to just give it to goodwill... I really don't want to have to photo and upload it all. If there's anything you guys want me to look for in my stash for you I can though, just let me know. I have a ton of knits and non cotton fabric that I'm getting rid of.

Mmmkay, off to get ready for work. I think I'm going to wear.... Hmmm.... Azathoth tonight. (Gods I love BPAL).
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