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gracemyheart's Journal

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Dreamer of Dreams, Daughter of Nightmares
17 April 1985
I am an artist, a dreamer, a lover and occasionally a fighter. This is my journal. Most posts are public, others are friends only.

I really couldn't tell you who I used to be, but I can tell you who I am now:

I'm a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, a musician and an artist. I'm a member of Pandora Celtica, which is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

I started at Paul Mitchell the School on February 23rd, 2010. The program will take 13 months and I will be able to take Colorado State Boards as of March 2011. I plan on making the most that I can of this 13 month adventure.

I'm a gamer, but with school I will be missing all of my monthly Live Action events.
Along with this new adventure I've found many others, I sew, I work with hot glass, I'm looking into ballroom dance classes, I belly dance, I'm looking into Falconry and volunteering my time with bird rehabilitation projects.

This is me, this is the person that I've grown into and continue to grow into. Each day is an adventure and I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Welcome to my life. Feel free to add me.
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